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Auna: We cure you before you get sick

Auna was born in 2008 with the purpose of transforming health care and wellness in Latin America. With important interests in Peru, Colombia and Mexico, today it leads the vision of a healthcare that cures before you get sick.

Seven Lives

Seven Lives is the first health program that covers critical illnesses not covered by most regular plans.
Thinking of the up to seven coverages that the program offers, we played up the myth that cats have seven lives. We developed an animated story with seven felines who come together to commit all the abuses against health that they criticize human beings for doing. But here’s the deal: they have seven lives... and humans don't. “Seven Lives” was created to make up for such an “injustice”.

Víctor Vélez

To prove that there is nothing safer than visiting an Auna network clinic in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we implemented a revolutionary action: instead of paying an actor to fake a testimony, Víctor Vélez, our beloved "Oto," the brand's Creative Director, offered to visit several Auna clinics and check how they safe they were firsthand. Because… “if I told you with a commercial it would be advertising. With my life, it's called truth."

Wellness sick

Hand in hand with Zavalita, Auna launched the first wellness center in the country. A space that addresses health from another perspective: preventive. Auna's first concrete step towards a paradigm shift in health: from reactive medicine that cures the sick, to preventive medicine that seeks to prolong the state of well-being.