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Oncosalud: A brand on the noble mission of disappearing

In a world where all brands want to last a thousand years, Oncosalud, the leading cancer insurance company in Peru, seeks to disappear. Because the day cancer is gone, it will be gone too.
Such a strategic approach, counterintuitive to all marketing books, emotionally connected the brand with its audience, expanding it to the rest of society and not just limiting it to those already suffering from cancer. It catapulted the brand and business indicators to unprecedented levels.


We had doctors and real Oncosalud employees declare their desire to disappear. A message of self-destruction embraced massively by users and nonusers of Oncosalud, who got on board and joined the fight to make the brand –and cancer– disappear.

People and results spoke for themselves:

  • A success story at Effie Peru Awards Latam and Peru.
  • 27% increase in sales.
  • +13% TOM awareness.
  • 17% average in connection indicators.
  • +18% in coverage.
  • -82% in media investment.
  • Effie Gold Award, Relaunch of Services, 2020.
  • ANDA Award, Brand Turnaround, 2020.
  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica Silver Award, Effectiveness, 2021.

Help us disappear

Oncosalud is the only brand in the world whose official purpose is to disappear.
But... disappearing when breast cancer keeps popping up everywhere, is challenging. To speed up its disappearance, the brand promoted getting a mammogram at any clinic or center, even with its competitors’. Because if cancer disappears, Oncosalud disappears.

When you want to disappear, results appear:

  • The campaign received  recognition at the Effie Awards Latam and Peru.
  • +24% positioning on the date (leader).
  • +64% mammograms nationwide.
  • +11% sales..
  • -29% media investment.
  • Effie Gold, Corporate Reputation, 2020.
  • Effie Bronze, Seasonal Marketing, 2020.
  • ANDA Award, Campaign chosen by the public, 2020.
  • ANDA Award, Better World, 2020.
  • ANDA Award, Earned Media, 2020.

Cancer disappeared

2021. Our purpose has been fulfilled! Much sooner than expected, cancer was finally gone… but from public conversation, buried by Covid.
Leveraging the fact that October is Breast Cancer Month, we put cancer back in the spotlight. We hacked the public conversation by announcing the final fulfillment of our purposec –"Cancer has disappeared"– to restore the prominence of cancer as the "pandemic" that kills the most Peruvians per year, promoting prevention habits and thus overcoming the commercial decline of the category.

Let’s celebrate!

  • +4% TOM awareness (vs -20% category decline).
  • +7% in consideration (vs -13% category decline).
  • +6% sales.
  • -9% churn.
  • Effie Bronze, Non-Financial Services, 2021.
  • Effie Bronze, Health OTC, 2021.

Thinking about cancer helps it disappear

In 2022 it wasn’t possible to fight cancer when the only thing people were thinking about was Covid. So we decided to catch people off guard with their "postponing" of cancer. We hacked non-oncology brands’ advertising as well as spaces not associated with cancer, to raise awareness about the need to think about cancer as the first step to make it disappear. In addition, we offered tips and cancer treatment plans with unprecedented discounts.