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Peru I Love You: Don’t join us yet

Using influencers is commonplace. But what about enlisting dead influencers to ask you not to join them? In the face of the health emergency due to Covid and state inaction, #PerúTeQuiero was born to galvanize the country's solidarity with a campaign that brought three famous Peruvians back to life: singer Chabuca Granda, hero Miguel Grau and sports announcer Daniel Peredo, who conveyed messages of cohesion and “tips” against Covid, in addition to enlisting thousands of volunteers (citizens and companies) for the cause.

And Peru woke up:

  • +9 million organic reach.
  • Conversion ratio: 4.6%.
  • Earned media: USD 410,000.
  • 70% positive/neutral sentiment.
  • +7000 registered citizens.
  • +90 registered organizations.