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Scotiabank Canada:
Scotiabank Fútbol Club

Since 2021, from Lima to the world, Zavalita has been working with Scotiabank Fútbol Club, Scotiabank’s global platform which helps build more inclusive communities through football (soccer), seeking that more boys and girls have the same opportunities, and no one is left out of the field.


COVID-19 suspended the game for humanity, including the activities that Scotiabank Fútbol Club –Scotiabank's soccer platform that promotes inclusion and the promotion of values ​​in vulnerable communities in Latin America– had planned. To overcome this impasse, we proposed that the game should no longer be played with the feet, but with our heads. And the place to do it was the dressing room.

We created a virtual dressing room where we brought together a team of boys and girls from Scotiabank Fútbol Club programs all over Latin America, to face the second half of humanity with ideas. Their "coach" was none other than Barcelona Football Club legend Carles Puyol. And so Halftime was born. A six-episode series broadcast worldwide on YouTube, where football is the vehicle for transmitting equality, transparency, fair play and solidarity.

Stopping the ball worked:

  • +20% brand consideration.
  • +10% brand recommendation.
  • +300 million impressions in 8 Latam markets.
  • +58 million consumers for retargeting.
  • The One Show Finalist, Branded Entertainment, Innovation in Lockdown, 2022.

But most importantly... a vigorous desire to play humanity's second half under a new strategy of determination, teamwork, respect, passion, inclusion and integrity.

Everyone on the field

Despite years of existence with a presence in 8 countries, something was missing from the Scotiabank Fútbol Club platform: becoming really well-known through a regional relaunch featuring all of its programs under a single great concept: “Everyone on the field." This time, Carles Puyol interacts with children from the 8 countries where the platform has a presence, and invites us to imagine what would happen if he were one of them and had been born in a vulnerable neighborhood in Latin America.

An entire ecosystem managed by Zavalita for 8 countries, which invites you to celebrate and practice inclusion through Scotiabank FC’s four programs: Championships, Soccer Fields, Red Balls and FutbolNet, all while revamping Scotiabank's own brand image.

Goals converted:

  • 792’924,303 total impressions.
  • 417’562,253 views.
  • 327,065 total interactions.
  • 221,463 total visits.
  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronze Award, Sports, 2022.